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– GO – Concentration – Reaction – Friends Support

If you need more explanation about the -GO- app, read below. If you have specific questions, mail to support@ocgstudios.com



How to register with Facebook.

Make sure you have downloaded the Facebook app and are logged in. If all is done, you can use “Login with Facebook”

How to register with email.

Enter your information, an email will be send to the email address you have entered. Verify the email and you are ready to go.

How to invite Facebook Friends.

When you want to invite Facebook Friends, the blue list shows your Facebook Friends with -GO-  already installed.


If your friend does not have -GO- installed, you can invite them with the dark blue button on the bottom. They will then receive an invite message inside Facebook.


The Facebook invite can be missed easily inside Facebook, though. Remind your friend in Facebook with a personal message.

How to invite email Friends.

When you are going to invite Friends, enter the name in the search section and the grey list shows people with the name you have entered.


If your friend shows up in the grey list, select him/her and send an invite.


If your friend does not have -GO- installed, you can invite them with the light blue button on the bottom and enter their email address. They will receive an invite message in their email. As soon as they have accepted and installed the app, you will receive a message from your friend and you are ready to -GO-.

Main screen

button-create Create a new game
button-join Join a game started by a friend
button-practice Do some extra practicing
button-settings Settings
button-info Info
Busy or not busy

Select friends options

You can re-arrange your friends by holding the name a bit longer and then you can move the name up and down.


If you always play with the same friends you can create a group of friends. This gives you one-click selection of multiple friends.
button-groupPress this button to create a group and name it.



When you slide a name or group to the left, you can delete it. If you slide it to the right, you can see more info about your friend.

How important is it to enter a reason?

The idea behind -GO- is that you are challenging your friends to play a game to decide who does the designated task; get coffee, get drinks, walk the dog, etc.


Of course, you can play without a specific reason, but it is more fun to combine it with a special task. So the loser is really a loser.

I am always losing, how can i practice?

When you lose, you win 1 practice round. You can see this on the start screen of the app, inside the orange circle.


If 1 practice round is not enough, you can buy more practice rounds. You can buy them with real money or you can watch a small video. The video gives you 5 practice rounds. If you buy, you get 10 rounds.

Other Apps

Roxie´s Doors 1.4 and Roxie´s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure 1.6     

Due to changes in IOS 7


Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure v 1.0 for iPad

If you’re stuck, please be sure to install the updated version from the Appstore (v 1.1). There is a new button in the pause menu to reset your vehicle (in the top right corner).


Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure v 1.01 for iPhone

When panning and zooming in the maze, you can get back to your car pressing the car symbol on the top left of your screen.


Roxie’s Doors for iPad

If there are installation problems, please update your iPad to iOS 4.2 or higher.

When Doors doesn’t start please restart your iPad and try again, if it still does not work check your iOS. If you are still using 3.x please update to 5.x.


For other questions, problems or suggestions, please fill out our contact form.