Reviews - Roxie's Doors
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We have received a lot of reviews for Roxie’s Doors, all 4 or 5 starts ratings, here you find a list of some of them.

Some quotes



A hidden gem! This combination of book app and hidden objects puzzles will keep kids searching for hours



Overall, this book app is fun, challenging even for adults and perfect for sharing or playing alone. Children will spend a lot of time pouring over the pages just like they would with a print lift-the-flap book. Only this one will never get dog-eared and start having flaps that won’t go back down or get ripped off. A truly unique & wonderful app. My highest recommendation!



I see Roxie’s Doors as the perfect Friday night family activity. Gather around the iPad and see who can find the apple first! Skip around to your favorite doors and find all the objects there while enjoying the engaging text. It’s a fun title preschoolers will want to go back to time and again.



“this book is just the kind of thing you look forward to sharing with your child. It really finds a way to feel just like an actual paper storybook without the worry that your toddler will accidentally rip the flap as they try to lift it.”



“Roxie’s Doors is a fascinating peek-a-boo book of discovery that will enthrall and teach your child with gorgeous illustrations and settings.” Isn’t that a-MAZE-ing???


I really need a few more stars to honestly rate this one! by

Pltprincess on Saturday, July 30 2011 version 1.0

OMG and !!! were never more appropriate. This wonderful app is delightful. The 3 y/o DGD and I truly enjoy every page, every search. And then we found we could tilt and the view changed. That set the fun going all over again. And when we got to the last page we wanted more! So beautifully done. I HIGHLY recommend this one. Kudos to the team behind this gem. Looking forward to additional apps from you.


Love it! by rjeanm on Monday, July 25 2011 version 1.0

The 3-D is VERY cool! And the sounds are great. But the art, and the concept, is quite original. It’s magical…kids will play it again and again. You find new stuff to click on and enliven each time it’s played.