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Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure is updated and available now, Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing features new iPad Retina support, Roxie Munro’s magnificent drawings never looked so vibrant and sharp. This update also includes new search spots and Game Center support with 16 new achievements. Go get it now by updating your apps and please don’t forget to rate it in the appstore and tell all your friends about this amazing app.


Roxie’s A-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure is gender-neutral, so really any child will enjoy playing the game.  In addition to the maze games, the app teaches looking for patterns, identifying letters and numbers, reading a map, and solving problems.  It is an app that provides a well-rounded educational experience in an engaging atmosphere, and it features background music from pop to funky sounds.


One mother of a special needs child says, “To illustrate just how amazing this app truly is, I will share a quick story. While on a night-time plane trip recently, my son looked out the window and exclaimed ‘Wow, I can make out letters from all of the street lights below us. Just like in Roxie’s app!’ He and his younger sister spent the rest of the very tedious plane trip playing their own version of this app that they called ‘Roxie’s amazing plane trip’ and trying to find letters in the street light patterns below. All I can say is Wow!!!”

Check it out



For years my children (ages 5 to 10 now) here in the Netherlands were reading Roxie Munro’s books and every time it was fun. They keep getting these books out – to look at, and to find and solve the mazes or finding hidden treasures. The language didn’t matter, because these books were self explanatory. (Check Amazon for all of her books.)


Making an interactive children’s maze would be a dream come true, so I contacted her in New York. Roxie luckily had the same feeling, and fortunately none of her publishers had any intention to make apps. We first looked at all her books, but to make an existing book interactive would be very difficult. The decision was made to start from scratch. This app must be perfect, no quick ebook app, but to use the interactive medium at its fullest, combined with magnificent drawings. All the ideas were put together and dozens of emails were sent between our office in the Netherlands and Roxie’s studio in New York;  an international co-operation was born.

It was going to be an a-MAZE-ing adventure working together, a real artist and an incredible digital team, working in perfect harmony. The first ideas were born. An immense vacation adventure, that would bring children of all ages through cities, villages, on boats, planes, balloons, rafting and skiing.


The ideas were put on paper. Your mind starts to do wild things when you have so many possibilities, but luckily we all knew exactly what we wanted to make.

Was it going to be a linear story, or were we going to go wild and build the best interactive story we could think of? The latter it was. We decided on one big drawing (40”x60”) divided into 16 sections. These were going to be the 16 screens you could read or play. The maze started in screen 1 and would continue up to screen 16 and back. We also made a mockup in Flash, to show Roxie exactly what we wanted to do and how things would work.

Then we needed the exact measurements – this was difficult because different tablets have different screen sizes, with different resolutions. We decided to focus on the Ipad and see what other tablets come along during our work. Even now, it is still difficult to predict what all the other tablet manufacturers are going to do.

When we had decided all these things, Roxie could start drawing and we could start preparing development, select a team and select the tools.


Roxie’s A-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure (by OCG Studios):  It is absolutely incredible what some creative people can make possible all within the confines of an iPad app.  The format of this app is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  The creators bring you a single continuous maze that spreads out over 16 iPad screens compelling you to drive, walk, fly, ski and raft about it as you search for needed letters, numbers, penguins and dozens of other items.  Don’t even get my started on those tricky penguins!  Our kids range in age from 16 all the way down to age 3 and it is beyond funny to see how each reacted as they tried to make their way around and hunt for all the items.  I have to warn you, once you stop you’ll have a hard time putting it down.


Over the last couple of weeks we have received countless highly recommended reviews, we have made a Review page where you can read some of them. Some highlights you can find here.


CrazyMikesApps “Mazes Galore” 5 star rating with an excellent video link

“Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure is an excellent iPad game that really highlights not only the graphic capabilities of the but also Roxie Munro who created the graphics”


Maciverse link

“Its not every day that you come across a beautiful iPad app that also brings back the sense of games you played to pass time while a child”

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“Looking for something fun to do this weekend?  How about participating in an adventure on your iPad?” link

a-MAZE-ing! That’s what this iPad game is. Your kids are gonna love this!”


Yourtechlife link

“I highly recommend this if you enjoy the where’s wally style experience, and if you’ve got kids, encourage them to play this, it certainly gets them thinking and there’s some real lateral logic required!”


TheIpadFan link

“Like mazes? Have an iPad? Wanna have a ton of fun and spend a ton of time doing it?”





“Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure” is a maze, a look-and-search adventure. This interactive journey is based on a new maze Roxie Munro has specially designed. It contains 16 screens where you have to find your way by driving a car, walking, flying, skiing and rafting. During the trip you can find letters, numbers, penguins and dozens of other items. Every time you play you’ll have to find different items.
You and your children will have hours of fun and even an educational experience! Besides finding your way you can also just look at the beautiful drawings Roxie has created for this app, making it a truly remarkable and amazing interactive adventure.

This app requires no reading skills.


The beginning of November 2010 was an exciting time – the first pencil sketches from Roxie arrived by email. Very rough, but very nice and it showed us what we had been talking about over the last couple of weeks. Our team really could start developing now. We had a lot to learn and a lot to discover in those incredible drawings.


Roxie arrived at our office on the 16th of November. We had 3 busy days ahead.

Big print-outs of the first sketches to doodle on. We decided on the gameplay, the route, the objects to find, and all the extra spots we needed to animate.

After 3 days Roxie headed back to New York to change the rough sketch and start inking the drawing.

Busy months ahead.