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Making of: Ready and submit

Last Friday we submitted “Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure” to the appstore.


It was an intense week. We really want to have the app available in the appstore in March. To be on the safe side we had to finish it this week. Six months of development finally done. The development and all the steps we need to take were set months ago, with our big test last week we were sort of finished but somehow millions of small things made this an 80-hour week. A little adjustment here and extra sound there; we have added some extra search spots; changed some animations. We added a tutorial section. We decided to add big fireworks when you reach the highest mountain, etc. But in the end, it became a more complete app than we thought it would be.


Friday the 18th was the big submission day. We were already well prepared – a lot of reading, and images prepared, but it still took a couple of hours to get everything sent to Apple.  And now……. we wait.

The final chapter of this making of will be when it is available. Thank you all for reading.


Final testing

Last day of development