Roxie's a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure the "Making of", from the first drafts to the finished product.

15 Oct 2010
Example of Roxie Books

Making of: The Idea

For years my children (ages 5 to 10 now) here in the Netherlands were reading Roxie Munro’s books and every time it was fun. They keep getting these books out – »

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30 Oct 2010
1st pencil sketch

Making of: First plans

The ideas were put on paper. Your mind starts to do wild things when you have so many possibilities, but luckily we all knew exactly what we wanted to make. Was it going to »

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5 Nov 2010
2nd pencil sketch

Making of: First Sketch

The beginning of November 2010 was an exciting time – the first pencil sketches from Roxie arrived via email. Very rough, but very nice and it showed us what we had »

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16 Nov 2010

Making of: Big meeting

Roxie arrived at our office on the 16th of November. We had 3 busy days ahead. Big print-outs of the first sketch to doodle on. We decided on the gameplay, the route, the »

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2 Dec 2010
First Ink

Making of: First Ink

The first ink drawings arrive at our studio. Roxie is really on a roll now. The size is unbelievable; hopefully we get all the detail on a small Ipad screen.

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12 Dec 2010
Working on top

Making of: Finished inking

The final ink drawing finished. A big email with an incredible drawing. Finally we start to see all the detail. Now we can finally start developing with the almost final images. »

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16 Dec 2010

Making of: First Color

The line drawing is finished and the first colors start to appear. Now it is coming to life, depth appears, roads get shadow. Roxie uses colored inks to get the softone color »

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22 Dec 2010
Photo dec. 22, 9 26 14 AM

Making of: Almost there

It is getting better and better, the big areas are all filled with colours, Roxie still has all the small details to fill. Development is in full gear now.

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16 Jan 2011
Carying the big drawing around New York

Making of: Finally...

Finally the the big maze is finished, including all the spots for us to animate. 800 mb on the mail, for us to divide into 16 screens and all the spots to cut-out digitally. »

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1 Feb 2011

Making of: Development in...

We just hired some extra people to help with the development and the marketing. We are constantly developing during the day and testing in the evening with our children. But »

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7 Mar 2011

Making of: Trailer...

Along with the first press release, we have made a trailer of the almost finished app. Hopefully this will trigger people to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and even better, »

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12 Mar 2011

Making of: Testing,...

Today we tested at an elementary school: 7 classes, 150 children, 7 hours of testing. We started at 9:00 am (6 people from OCG Studios, 15 ipads). We tested with children »

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16 Mar 2011

Making of: a-MAZE-ing...

During development we always knew that music and sound should be a very important part of  “Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure.” In the beginning of the development »

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19 Mar 2011

Making of: Ready and...

Last Friday we submitted “Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure” to the appstore.   It was an intense week. We really want to have the app available »

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25 Mar 2011

Making of: Our app is...

Finally after a long week of waiting, today our iPad app “Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure” was approved. In one hour, it went from “Waiting for »

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22 Nov 2011

Making of: From big to...

“Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure” for the iPad was ready in April. We quickly sold in more than 70 countries and was awarded with “New and Noteworthy,” »

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23 Nov 2011

Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing...

Finally the iPhone version of our a-Maze-ing app is available in the Appstore. After months of hard work we have translated the app from big screen to small screen, without »

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