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Jo Booth has taken a good look at the Dinosaur theme from the K.I.W.i Storybooks and to qoute Jo, ” K.I.W.i. Storybooks are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before” Read it here.

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“A fabulous story about the K.I.W.i Storybooks, Jayne and Ann from “Teachers with Apps” came to see us in NY. They where very impressed with the K.I.W.i Storybooks, read it here

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Look, it’s a book, it’s an app… no, it’s K.I.W.i. STORYBOOKS™ (Kids Interactive Walk-in Storybooks) by Calapitter Creations! You need to see it in action to believe how revolutionary this new teaching tool is. After 2 years of development the K.I.W.i Storybooks backdrops, plays and apps are released, the 9th of September there was a big launch party in New York. Each K.I.W.i Storybook comes with it’s own themed backdrop, it’s »

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For Amber Hood we have developed the 1st of Adventure of the World of Liberty series, starring Liberty Lane and her friends. A fun and educational story about country connections.Check it out for Apple : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/world-liberty-its-raining/id836226893?mt=8And for Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ocgstudios.wol1stadventureThe app is build using our DYO framework.

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